Mouse Poison: How Does It Work And Possible Problems

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Although most people still think that mice poison just chokes the mice and rats to death, in fact, it works in many different ways that you should know about.


This process makes mice silently but painfully die from anemia and internal bleeding because of inhibited blood clotting. By destroying blood vessels in the mouse’s body it leads to a reduction of blood flow to the most important parts of the body, including the brain. Death comes gradually in a couple of days after injection. For the proper work of anticoagulants, they require high concentration, therefore the doses must be high and repeated. However, mice can also sense the poison and simply will not fall for the bait, so using too high doses of the poison on a single bait can be ineffective. For better work mice should be fed with the poison repeatedly.

Mental phosphides

This poison is made of Zinc Phosphide and can be used for killing not only house mice but for field mice as well. Unlike the previous one it’s a single-dose poison which doesn’t require high concentration, so one bite of the bait is enough to kill a mouse or rat. It works because of the acid that reacts with substances inside a digestive system of the rodent producing toxic phosphine acid. It’s a very strong and very effective rodenticide that works very quickly and gives the highest chances to get rid of mice.


These are one of the most effective and deadly poisons that kills mice and rats just in a couple of hours after ingestion. Often it is made of a combination of two or more various poisons and it also doesn’t require high concentration for a fatal effect, one bite is enough. It consists of very toxic substances that cause the rise of levels of calcium and vitamins. As a result, the crystals of calcium are created inside the lungs, blood vessels and kidneys of a mouse and damage these organs seriously. It ends up with kidney failure and internal bleeding which results in a very painful death.

mouse poison

Possible problems with mouse poison

Using mouse poison is one of the most effective and quickest ways to get rid of mice in your house, barn or other infested places, as compared with mouse traps and other methods, therefore most of the people use it nowadays. Although it’s one of the easiest ways, it’s definitely not the best one.

First of all, it is dangerous not only for mice but for humans and other animals also. People who have children, pets or farm animals must be especially careful. Even the adults can accidentally suffer from it.

You should also remember that mice poisons kills the rodents, and most likely they will die in the house inside the walls or in some other areas which are hard to get. So it will not be easy to get rid of their remnants which will eventually give a horrible smell. Moreover, dealing with rodents’ remnants you dispose yourself to a risk of catching one of the diseases they carry.

If you have doubts that you can cope with all these problems, we strongly recommend to hire a professional mouse exterminator to get rid of these pests safely and for sure.


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